Logbook Services

Logbook Services

At Boltorque, our team have all your vehicle servicing needs covered. Our team is fully qualified and you retain the factory warranty for any work done to your vehicle. Regular maintenance tasks such as oil and filter changes will be carried out and any worn or broken parts will be replaced.

Boltorque offers professional and efficient vehicle repair services for each make and model of commercial as well as private vehicles.

We are committed to quality standards in repairing and servicing, to ensure our competence reflects in our services. Our experts perform every vehicle service according to the logbook of each make and model. Additionally, we use only genuine parts that are provided by the manufacturer.

Our mechanics will comprehensively assess your vehicle to ensure that it is at its safest to ensure that the efficiency of the vehicle is not compromised. To book your car in for a service, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Fleet Servicing
Fleet Servicing

Fleet Servicing

For saving your time and money, we will evaluate your fleet requirements and the usage of the vehicle, and provide a customised fleet solution to increase your vehicle’s productivity and decrease the cost.

To complement our standard service offerings, the team at Boltorque also offer fleet services for businesses. Our team apply the same level of workmanship to their fleet services so your cars will run their best.

To discuss getting your fleet serviced at Boltorque, contact us today.

Clutch Repairs

Clutch and Brake Repair

Your vehicle's clutch is responsible for delivering the power from the motor to the wheels of your car. Over time clutch parts wear and power isn't delivered as effectively, making your car less efficient.

As well as our other repairs, the team at Boltorque have all your brake servicing and repairs covered. How quickly your vehicle can stop is heavily influenced by your brakes. Malfunctioning brakes can often be diagnosed by:

  • Decreased braking power
  • Shuddering steering under braking
  • Squeaking/squealing brakes

For an assessment of your brake and clutch or to arrange a booking, contact us to speak to one of our helpful staff.

Pink, Blue and Brown Slips

Pink, Blue and Brown Slips

As per as the government rules, every vehicle with the age of five or more is required e-safety check for the renewal of registration. Boltorque provides pink, blue and brown slip services and we take a quick inspection of your vehicle that takes only 15-20 minutes.

Our highly skilled technicians are also capable of assessing your vehicle's road-worthiness. We also conduct LPG inspections and provide LPG Pink and Blue slips for it. Our team will comprehensively inspect your vehicle, noting any damage or wear that must be repaired so that your vehicle is as safe as possible on the road for you and your passengers.

For pink, blue and brown servicing of your vehicle, contact us today.

Steering and Suspension Repairs
Steering and Suspension Repairs

Steering and Suspension Repair

Consistent steering and suspension service will keep you and your vehicle in a safer zone. Our team at Boltorque will examine your steering and suspension system and will repair or replace if required. This complete process will keep the overall efficiency of your ride.

The steering and suspension of your vehicle dramatically affect how it handles on the road. Steering and suspension components can wear over time, decreasing the car's traction.

These worn components not only negatively impact your vehicle's handling, they can make it unsafe to drive. Our team can also carry out wheel alignments for all makes and models.

Having properly aligned tyres ensures even tyre wear and optimal fuel efficiency.

For an assessment of your steering and suspension components, contact us and we'll be happy to help.

LPG Servicing and Repairs
LPG Servicing and Repairs

LPG Servicing, Repair and Gas Inspections

Boltorque is a licensed LPG service provider and guarantees to install genuine automotive LPG conversion system as well as repairs LPG systems of every vehicle at a budget-friendly cost.

Being a licensed LPG service provider, we install high-quality products to maintain our servicing standards and to satisfy our customers. Our automotive experts are here to assist you with all your LPG servicing and repair needs.

Cars that operate on LPG as opposed to fuel are generally less expensive to run, but require specialist LPG servicing skills when being repaired. At Boltorque, our team have the skills and equipment to carry out all your LPG servicing and repairs. If your car runs on LPG and it requires repair or service call us today to arrange a booking.



Choosing the right tyres for your vehicle is not as simple as choosing the model of vehicle. You will always have to consider your driving style and the environment you mostly drive. Well at Boltorque, you don’t have to worry about the tyres as our experts will choose the right set of rubbers according to your vehicle type and your daily driving routine.

Included among our extensive workshop services we can also supply and fit tyres for all makes and models. Worn tyres decrease the traction of your vehicle, making it unsafe to drive on the road. When you have your tyres installed, we can also align your wheels, improving fuel efficiency and decreasing tyre wear.

To arrange new tyres for your vehicle, contact us and we'll provide you with a quote.

Courtesy Car Available

Courtesy Car Available

To accompany our professional repair service, we also have a courtesy car available to our customers. If you find yourself on feet while your car is in the garage for servicing and no other vehicle left to commute?

No need to worry more, just bring your vehicle at Boltorque’s garage for servicing and we will provide you with another car as an alternate vehicle till your machine gets fixed.

If you'd like to use this courtesy car while your car is being repaired, please inform us upon booking in your vehicle.

Courtesy Car Available

Heavy Vehicle Service

We specialize in heavy vehicle service for Utes, trucks and various loading vehicles used for goods transportation.

Our expert team of automotive technicians are well-experienced with various brands and models of automobiles. They perform end-to-end servicing with wide-range of tools and each item that is repaired & replaced is genuine as we do not inherit the manufacturer’s warranty.

Consider getting your vehicle at Boltorque and we will get it fixed in no time. Contact us today and we will schedule an appoint for your vehicle service at an affordable cost.